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Most of these tools are also available on my Cydia repository
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appnames - pulls all of your apps and provides selected information - open source on GitHub

Usage: ./appnames [OPTIONS]
    -b       Bundle provides the bundle ID of the app
    -l       Location provides the file path to the main folder of the app
    -d       Documents provides the file path for any files the app writes to (this is only guaranteed for sandboxed apps)
    -u       URL Scheme provides any valid protocols directing to the app
ex. ./ -bldu

crackit - originating from the "brute force" bash script I wrote, this will allow you to find how long it takes your CPU to add up to a number from 0. For comparison, it takes my 6 Plus 1 second to go to 200 million on two threads. The first argument is the number you want to go to, the second is amount of threads to use- this should not exceed the amount of logical cores on the device. Open source on GitHub
A special macOS version is also available.
ex. ./crackit 10000000 2

dropbearport - set the port dropbear listens on (run as root). If you have multiple ports currently setup, the first one will be overwritten
ex. ./dropbearport 2222

editImage - change an image height, width, scale, radius, add a mask, and compression type. Editing the size does not crop, the image will become distorted if you do not keep the ratio of the original image. Scaling by side may be added later - open source on GitHub

Usage: ./editImage [OPTIONS]
    -i    Input image path
    -o    Path to put new image (overwrite old by default)
    -w    Width of new image (current width by default)
    -h    Height of new image (current height by default)
    -r    Radius to clip edges by (none by default)
    -s    Scale by factor of, 0 to 1 (none by default)
    -m    Mask to add to (none by default)
    -j    JPEG compression, 0 to 1 (PNG by default)
    -f    Force upscaling images
ex. ./editImage -i "AppIcon@3x.png" -o "AppIcon@2x.png" -h120 -w120

ftt - short for Flex to Theos, this does its best to do exactly that- turn Flex patches into full Theos projects
Archived information on this project can be found here and it's open source on GitHub

Usage: ./ftt [OPTIONS]
    -f	Set name of folder created for project (default is "Sandbox")
    -n	Override the tweak name
    -v	Set version (default is  0.0.1)
    -p	Directly plug in number (usually for consecutive dumps)
    -d	Only print available patches, don't do anything (cannot be used with any other options)
    -t	Only print Tweak.xm to console and copy to clipboard (can only be used with -p)
    -s	Enable smart comments (beta option)
ex. ./ftt -f MyFolder -n tweak -v 1.0
ex. ./ftt -tp2

package - quickly create the packages file that Cydia repos require. Input the location of your deb files (folder name)
ex. ./ debs

redeb - put debian packages back together! Just run the script followed by a package ID (package IDs can be found at the bottom of the page in Cydia)
ex. ./ com.ipadkid.package

stringgen - random string generator, automatically copies to clipboard. Specify a length
ex. ./ 12

teamid - intended for Yalu102 users to easily pull their Team ID to be used with Cydia Extender Installer. Requires Yalu102 to be installed with the Apple ID you intend to use. Can be used directly with cyextender using the pipe function
ex. ./ | cyextender - this is not a script that is intended to be run. It is a structure file to help use Theos. Please place the file in /etc/profile.d/ and change the path after the equals to where you have placed Theos.
Example of file: export THEOS=/var/theos