I used to be known in the Clash of Clans community, however I'm now happily retired as a level 202 Town Hall 9 (more about my Clash of Clans life)

I jailbroke my first device around the beginning of August 2016, with Pangu’s tool for iOS 9.2 - 9.3.3. Around December 2016, I began to mess with HTML widgets, and I put my first website up on GitHub at the end of the year. I became more knowledgable with the iOS file system, and in March 2017, I started working on bash scripts for iOS. While working on FlexToTheos, I received multiple recommendations to move, what had become a large project, to Objective-C.
I started rewriting FlexToTheos in Obj-C during May 2017. The first version was released on June 3, and was the first compiled code I had written.
Since July 2017, I’ve released many fun apps on GitHub, and one on the App Store. I continue to enjoy the speed command line tools provide, and continue to develop fast and helpful CLI tools for iOS and macOS. I release jailbreak tweaks on BigBoss, and generally receive over one thousand downloads.

Although I strongly prefer Objective-C, I have written apps in Swift, and recently have started doing development in Go, which this web server is written in.

Origin of my name

I get asked where my name came from, as I’m a little bit older now. When Game Center was release with the iOS 4 beta, I jumped right on, and my dad created an account for me under the name “ipad_kid” because I was a kid, and playing on an iPad. Creativity runs in the family.


  • C
  • Swift
  • Objective-C
  • Go (GoLang)
  • JavaScript (browser, and node.JS)